About Karin

Short version

My name is Karin T Wood and I live in Sweden.

I am a polymath with my first career as a professional dancer and second as a web developer and software engineer. My intense curiosity has among other things resulted in a Permaculture Design Certificate and a deep interest in productivity and PKM.

After a severe burnout, I’m on a mission to explore how to live and not merely exist. I approach productivity and life from a regenerative perspective – to achieve your goals with collateral well-being instead of collateral damage.

Since I learnt more about the neuroscience of flow, I’m convinced that a life with plenty of time in the flow state cannot feel empty.

Ultrathriving is where I share thoughts and findings on my journey to help more people create a flourishing life and experience flow.

Long version

I started out training in an elite ballet school. While time made it clear that I was not good enough at classical ballet to become the Ultimate Ballerina, I still loved dancing and I continued working as a freelance contemporary dancer for more than 15 years.

On the side, I made deep dives into my various topics of interest. That made me pick up, among other things, web development, permaculture, and become chairman of the board at the local daycare co-op .

My life changed when I crashed in a burnout and I had to climb back up from a deep deep hole. Healing meant that I needed to grow in new ways as a person. I’ve always been interested in personal growth, but suddenly growth became a necessity and not an optional extra.

I switched gears and took a job for the first time of my life, as a software developer, while launching a quest to understand what happened to me and create a better way of living. Discovering flow science made things click for me, where flow experiences can be a way to tangibly measure and define your quality of life.

Ultrathriving is where I share my journey of exploring how humans work, what makes a life well lived, and how to pursue life while building things up instead of breaking them down.

I share because I have to. I don’t want to die with the music still inside me. I believe that sharing ideas is a way to learn and grow. And if there’s a possibility that something I’ve learnt can help a fellow human, I feel an obligation to contribute.

In the artist world, I appear as a calculating analyst. In the world of IT, I look like a creative oddball. In general, I’m an ever curious person with too many interests to count.

I care about privacy, autonomy, mental health, and having a playful attitude while being serious about continuous development as a human. Keeping vitality as we age is also something close to my heart, as is consciousness and awareness.

If anything I’ve written has helped you or made a difference, I’d love to know about it! Hearing about your story is fuel that keeps me going.

Come say hi to me on twitter/X @karintwood, or send me an email.

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