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Design a thriving fulfilling life into high age
without breaking down or losing sight of the big picture

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Imagine having enough – energy, time, money, inspiration – not only for yourself but a surplus to share with others. Living in a way that is net positive and not +/- zero.

I call that regenerative productivity.

If you

  • are responsible for making your own decisions, either because the buck stops with you or you have a lot of freedom in how you work
  • care for impact, looking for a win-win-win solution
  • are a curious and ambitious soul who wants to keep growing, not content to settle down

You’ve come to the right place.

Since I learnt more about the neuroscience of flow, I’m convinced that a life with plenty of time in the flow state cannot feel empty.

I help people manage their time, environment and attention, so that they can experience more flow and peace in their lives while still challenging themselves to elevate beyond.

Hi, I’m Karin

I’m a writer who loves to distill and synthesise knowledge from different fields into key takeaways, actionable insights, and food for thought.

First career in performing arts, second in software engineering. Combined with a permaculture certificate and and long standing interest in productivity and self-improvement, I come with a broad perspective.

After recovering from a huge burnout, I’m on a quest to lead an intentional life of flourishing and fulfilment. You can read more about me or check out what I’m up to right now.

The purpose of this site is to document and share my thoughts and findings, and become a resource hub for people interested in personal development in a regenerative way.

If you can reach your goals in a way that has a net positive impact on both yourself and everyone and everything around you, I have succeeded.

My objective is to transform what began as a blog into more of a digital garden, where you can navigate between related articles and browse by topic rather than be forced to see a chronological feed only. That’s a work in progress which has just started.

In the mean time, you can browse the archives.

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